A couple of things:

  1. You’ll notice there’s no Reclaimer comic today. Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to bring one to you today, even as a late edition. Sometimes these things just sort of happen.
  2. I’m going to be spending my week in Minneapolis, Minnesota most of next week (are there any Reclaimer fans from that area?), so I’ve decided to put Reclaimer on hiatus for the duration of the week. I know this will disappoint the lot of you and possibly even cause a handful of you addicts to fall into immediate convulsions, but here’s the bright side. Those of you have complained about all the cliffhangers and loose endings that have littered the Reclaimer landscape of the series since its inception? You’ll be pleased to know that I intend to spend a fair amount of time identifying all the threads that have yet to be explicitly pulled into the canvas and work on a concrete roadmap to start weaving those together.
  3. On that note, I don’t necessarily want to leave you completely in the dark while I’m gone, so I’m going to open up the week to guest comics. Anyone who wants to contribute a comic to fill in the missing days is welcome to do so. The comic can be built from Halo 3 screenshots, hand drawn, created from Mega Man sprites, anything you want. They can be funny, serious, or something in between. The only proviso I demand is that the comics be, in some way, related to Reclaimer. Comics that get sent to me will show up in place of regular Reclaimer comics – and I’m willing to feature one a day, starting tomorrow through to the following Saturday. That’s eight days, eight guest comics. If you’d like to contribute, just email your comic to reclaimercomic@gmail.com. In the event that I receive more than eight, I’ll pick my favorites to feature on the front page and the rest will go into a special gallery on the Extras page. So get crackin’!

One final thing before I sign off. I’ve had some fun the last couple of days grabbing screenshots from my Reclaimer filming sessions. If you check out my Screenshot Gallery, you’ll begin to see what I mean. Of all the shots I’ve taken this week, though, this one is probably my favorite:


Set your leader traits to invulnerable, grab a fuel rod cannon, and fire a rod directly into a custom power up from about 10 feet away. The static electric cast-off is really quite impressive! I haven’t experimented with an active camo or overshield yet, so I’d be curious to see what sort of visual results that yields. If you feel like messing around with it, capture some screenshots of your results and post links here to them for everyone to see. Play with other things, too, if you’d like and see what sort of artistic images you can create involving electricity. This could be a fun little community activity.

Have a good, if Reclaimer-less week, my friends. I’ll still be nearby if you need me.