Finally, some action! I don’t know about you, but I was getting kind of tired of that little room. It’s nice to have something else happening now and a chance for the Cavalcade to be involved in events again.

↓ Transcript
Plasma grenade sticks to Ferial with a Chink! while the Reclaimer jumps clear.
Ferial: Hrm.
Ferial pops his shields, breaking the plasma grenade free and jettisoning it backward into the room. He hunkers downs into an Armor Lock, and the grenade explodes harmlessly behind him.
Ferial: Really now, Reclaimer...
Ferial, shouting: Is that the best you can do?! You can run, but you can't get away! Because there's nowhere for you to go!
Reclaimer, jumping down to an adjacent room: We'll see about that.
Cavalcade: Ferial does not appear to be bluffing.
Cavalcade: This spire does, indeed, seem to be entirely sealed off.
Cavalcade: And there is little enough room in which to maneuver away from a single enemy, let alone three of the same.
Reclaimer, standing before an energy barrier blocking an exit: No security system is perfect. There MUST be a vulnerability. Find it, and exploit it.
Cavalcade: We... will try.
Cavalcade: But we are not optimistic that we will be able to find a way.
Cavalcade: Least of all in time to do any of us any good.