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Reclaimer: The Flood.
Reclaimer: They're your handiwork, aren't they?
Ferial (prime): The Flood was my first effort to bind the Precursors, each one to every other.
Ferial (secondary): One mind, one purpose, one will.
Reclaimer: YOUR will, you mean.
Ferial (prime): Naturally. It was MY plan, MY solution, was it not? Why then should it not have been I who controlled the fate of our species?
Ferial (prime): It would have preserved us, restored the Precursors to their rightful place, and banished the madness.
Reclaimer: Instead, something went wrong. You couldn't control it, and the Flood broke free.
Reclaimer: Because, like it or not, even then the Flood was an organic system with a bad habit of developing a mind of its own.