Apparently, Ferial’s viewpoint on adding minds to his collective is simple: “You can’t have just one.”

↓ Transcript
Ferial (prime), turning away: Walk with me, Reclaimer.
Ferial (prime): We waste time standing here "chatting" and I have waited long enough, I think, to collect the package you carry.
Reclaimer: Over my dead body.
Ferial (prime): {chuckle}
Ferial (prime): That may yet be, Reclaimer.
Ferial (prime): But it is certainly not necessary.
Ferial (prime), turning back to face the Reclaimer: The Cavalcade can be retrieved without so much as a bruise to your delicate human body...
Ferial (prime): And you are certainly more valuable to me alive...
Ferial (prime): The perfect slave added to the collective of my Feralmind.