This may well be one of my favorite pages since Reclaimer’s reawakening simply because it’s let me grab some really cool shots of my favorite subject—Ferial. The Ultra armor really amps up his villain cred, methinks.

↓ Transcript
Ferial (prime): We were masters of our domain, lords over all we surveyed.
Ferial (prime): Technology, biology, neurology. These and many other systems we manipulated with ease.
Ferial (prime): Like putty.
Ferial (prime): We created hundreds, thousands of new species and seeded them throughout the galaxy for little more than our own amusement.
Ferial (secondary): And often removed them again with no greater effort.
Ferial (tertiary): The we grew bored and began experimenting with our own forms.
Ferial (prime): And chaos rained down upon the Precursors.