It’s going to be a long walk home.

↓ Transcript
Reclaimer: Where are we? And where are the Ferials?
Cavalcade: Unknown, and... unknown.
Cavalcade: But judging from the energy burst of our arrival...
Cavalcade: ...not to mention the power surge still looping through this facility...
Cavalcade: ...we've come far, VERY far.
Cavalcade: Farther, certainly, than any human or Forerunner before has ever traveled in a single jump.
Cavalcade: Whatever mechanism Ferial used move us here more than likely burned out the star of the system we just left behind.
Reclaimer: Like light bulb.
Cavalcade: More like a battery...
Cavalcade: ...that has depleted its charge in one, single burst.
Reclaimer: Delightful.