If it feels like there have been a lot of gambling references lately, well, that’s because the Reclaimer is basically all in at this point.

↓ Transcript
Reclaimer: Can you guys track the Ferials?
Cavalcade: We have already implemented enhancements to your armor's tracking systems...
Cavalcade: Extending range and sensitivity.
Cavalcade: We would, however, have appreciated being notified of Ferial's triplication prior to our arrival here.
Reclaimer: Understood.
Cavalcade: But you do not agree.
Reclaimer: Look, I need to play things pretty close to the chest right now.
Cavalcade: You fear that we have been compromised, given the nature of Ferial's revelation of our origins?
Reclaimer: I'm concerned that you COULD be compromised at some point...
Reclaimer: ...And I'm not yet ready to tip my hand.